HTHU offers continued assistance with all of our courses and student plans. Please contact any of the HTHU staff and/or instructors if you would like direction and advice with your personal development plan.


Your student home page is your own personal database of coursework. It is designed to maintain a record of your coursework and activity on HTHU. Your records are kept in this database for a period of 7 years. From this page, you can view all current courses that you are enrolled in along with all courses that you have completed, including the transcript and completion certificate.


This is a message board used by instructors and students. Some of the courses on HTHU require you to post and give feedback on your assignment to complete the course. You can also interact with fellow students. This function offers you the opportunity to “network” with those that are in the same job role as you and seek their opinion and advice on whatever the course topic may be.


The digital library is exactly that – your library. This “room” is utilized to store reference materials needed for your course. For many of our courses, there are handouts and course outlines stored in the digital library. You may print these documents for note taking and future reference material. Some of our instructors will include handout materials that you will need in order to complete assignments.


The chat room is available to classes to have open discussion on a topic that is relevant to their specific course. Your instructor will advise you as to the time that the chat room will be open for class discussion.


How to Request Educational Information

Any student who attends or accessed HTH or HTHU University shall have the right to inspect and review the their own education records through the HTHU university Dashboard through a personal registration on the site or via request to HTHU Director of Business Development or via   Students should submit written requests that identify the record(s) they wish to inspect to  The HTH staff will make arrangements for access. Note: When a learner requests access to his or her education records, HTHU staff must verify or “authenticate” the identity of that learner before releasing the education records. The student’s identity may be authenticated by phone or email as follows: identity may be confirmed via a combination of the username or email address used in creating a user account on,  plus some other authenticating information unique to that student (such as birth date or date of attendance to an event).   In addition, HTHU may disclose education records only with a learner’s consent and by learner’s request to officials of another institution in which a student seeks or intends to be employed by.
HTHU’s Privacy Policy permits disclosure without a learner’s consent of Education Records to their Employers designated Facility Administrator or Manager with legitimate educational interests in a learner’s education record.  For details, please see Privacy Policy.

How to Request Amendment of Records

Any learner shall have the right to request the amendment of their education records, if he or she believes they are inaccurate or misleading. A proper request to correct an education record must:
1. Be written to the attention of the Director of Business Development and send to;
2. Clearly identify the part of the record they want to be changed; and
3. Specify why the record is inaccurate or misleading.
Any written request which does not include the required information will not be considered and the requestor will be notified in writing that the request was not made properly. Upon receipt of a proper request for amendment, HTHU will make a prompt determination within a reasonable time, but not more than thirty days, as to whether the proposed correction is accepted or rejected. The student will be notified in writing that the amendment has occurred or that the request is denied.