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Course Title Course Length
A Culture of Safety (Patient Safety) 30 minutes
Age Specific Care 25 minutes
Awareness & Reporting of Patient Abuse 20 minutes
Blood/Blood Products Administration 20 minutes
Blood Products Administration-Complications 20 minutes
Body Mechanics – Back Injury Avoidance 20 minutes
Body Mechanics – Ergonomics 10 minutes
Creating Effective Workplace Relationships 20 minutes
Critical Thinking Skills 15 minutes
Diversity and Discrimination 15 minutes
Documentation of Medical Records 30 minutes
Elder Abuse 35 minutes
Emergency Response to a Terrorist Event 35 minutes
Emergency Management 45 minutes
Ethical Business Practices – Doing The RIGHT Thing 20 minutes
Fire & Life Safety Management 15 minutes
Hazardous Material and Waste Management 20 minutes
Health Insurance Basics 60 minutes
Hepatitis C 60 minutes
HIPAA Privacy 30 minutes
HIPAA Security 35 minutes
HIV/AIDS Protective Measures 25 minutes
Infection Control – Personal Protective Equipment 20 minutes
Infection Control – The Basics 30 minutes
Infection Control Plan 45 minutes
Informed Consent: A Communication Process 60 minutes
Lifting Safely to Prevent Injury 30 minutes
Medical Equipment Management 15 minutes
Medical Terminology 80 minutes
Medical Terminology II 60 minutes
Meeting the Needs of the Dying Patient – From Curing to Caring 30 minutes
Patient Rights 15 minutes
Performance Based Interviewing – The Basics 20 minutes
Performance Based Interviewing – The Interview 20 minutes
Personnel Safety and Hazard Recognition 20 minutes
Preventing Blood-Borne Infections: Engineering Controls & Workplace Practice 30 minutes
Preventing Falls – Keeping Patients Safe 20 minutes
Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect 35 minutes
Risk Management 30 minutes
Sexual Harassment 20 minutes
Security Management 15 minutes
Spiritual Care 15 minutes
Telephone Etiquette 35 minutes
Utility Systems Management 10 minutes
Musculoskeletal System & Connective Tissue 40 minutes
Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue 40 minutes
The Digestive System 60 minutes
The Genitourinary System 70 minutes
Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Puerperium 40 minutes
Blood, Blood forming Organs and the Immune System 50 minutes
The Circulatory System 120 minutes
The Respiratory System 50 minutes
The Nervous System 90 minutes
The Eye and Adnexa 60 minutes
The Ear and Mastoid Process 60 minutes
The Endocrine System 90 minutes

If you have questions about these courses, your username/password, or other concerns, please contact:

Krista Lowe, RN, BSN, MEd.
Health Science Instructor/ HOSA Advisor
678-965-5050 ext. 412311

Doris Dickerson
Health Science Pathway / HOSA Advisor
678-965-5050 ext. 412310