HLTC 2100 
Introduction to Health Care Systems & Administration

Welcome to HLTH 2100: Introduction to Health Care Systems & Administration.  This course is intended to serve as an introduction to the major issues that influence the delivery of healthcare in the United States. It will provide students with a foundational understanding of healthcare organization, operations, and administration. The role of government, public and private financing, an introduction to medical tourism, as well as ethical and legal issues confronting the industry will be explored. This course will take into consideration how the demands for greater access to healthcare services will influence the future health workforce. These discussions should assist students in discerning professional opportunities in healthcare services and administration.

The HIPAA Privacy & Security Certificate (“HPSC”) is an online professional certificate included in HLTC2100. The HIPAA Privacy & Security Certificate program lays the foundation of training for the latest standards required of all employees in healthcare. With the enactment of HIPAA’s Standards, the responsibility to keep certain health information secure, confidential, and private has become a legally enforceable responsibility for a facility and its employees. To be successfully compliant, all employees must know and understand their responsibilities with regards to privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) in any form (paper, voice, or electronic). In the HPSC: HIPAA Privacy & Security Certificate, a HIPAA Privacy and Security foundation is provided and reinforced by reviewing pertinent terms, definitions and standards.

University of North Georgia- Dahlonega Campus Course Number: 2100-5764/ Gainesville Campus Course Number: 2100-5766

Getting Started: Utilizing the HTHU HIPAA Privacy & Security Certificate ~ Online Course Access Instructions purchased at the UNG Bookstore, follow the instructions to create your HTHU learner account. Please refer to your class syllabus for completion date deadlines.

Once you are ready to begin, click on the 2017 HIPAA Privacy and Security Certificate (HPSC) link below to enroll and begin learning.  At the end of each segment, there will be a quiz and evaluation in which you will be graded. A certificate will be provided upon completion; it is a requirement of this course that you turn this certificate of completion in to your UNG Class Instructor or a grade of zero (0) will be awarded.

Certificate Link Time Frame
2018 HIPAA Privacy and Security Certificate (HPSC) Complete and submit Completion Certificate by end of Week 12 on  Course Syllabus

For all purposes throughout this course, contact your UNG instructor with questions.

For technical support, please contact hthtech@hometownhealthonline.com.

Printing your Completion Certificate: FAQs
How can I print a copy of my certificate once I complete a course?
Once you have successfully completed a course, you will see a red ribbon next to the course. Click the Print Certificate link and print it off your local printer. (Note: The course must be successfully completed)

I’ve completed the course, but I don’t see the red ribbon to print my certificate.
If you feel you have completed the course but don’t see the red ribbon, go back to your course homepage, Launch the course, and make sure there is a Checkmark next to each Post-test AND Evaluation. Click on any Post-test or Evaluation that DOESN’T have a checkmark next to it and complete that action. Make sure you click the “Finish” button once completed. Once all Post-tests and Evaluations have been successfully completed, the red ribbon should appear and you can print your certificate.