HIMT 1105
Essentials of Healthcare Access Services

Welcome to HIMT 1105: Essentials of Healthcare Access Services! This course provides comprehensive coverage of healthcare access service roles and processes employed in healthcare settings. Instructors emphasize the knowledge and skills needed to competentlyNurse Educator interact with customers while following business policies and procedures. Topics include the role of healthcare access services staff and the impact on national patient satisfaction scores, professional ethics and cultural considerations, professionalism and competency, customer service excellence, meeting insurance payer guidelines, and compliance standards for handling and protecting health information. This course prepares students to become candidates for the NAHAM Certified Healthcare Access Associate exam.

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Lesson Topic Time Frame Associated Forms
Certified Healthcare Hospitality Specialist (CHHS) Weeks 1 – 4  no additional form required
Patient Access Certification (PAC) Weeks 5 – 8 PAC Completion Form
Patient Access Specialist (PAS) Weeks 9 – 13 PAS Completion Form
Financial Counselor Certification (FCC) Weeks 14-16  no additional form required

For all purposes throughout this course, your “manager” is your instructor as listed on the Course Schedule and Postcard acquired via the bookstore.

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