Habersham County Medical Center Online Education Dashboard

Welcome Habersham County Medical Center Business Office Staff and Habersham Medical Physician Office Staff! The courses below are available to you as part of your staff education each year. Based on your position, these courses and certifications will vary among staff members. If you are unsure of which course to take, please contact your immediate supervisor for their recommendation.

Hospital Revenue Cycle Team Members

Please visit the School of Revenue Cycle Management and RevUp Your Revenue Cycle pages to access and complete additional courses related to Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Access, Billing, Hospital Office Education, Accounting & Management.

CERTIFICATIONS Duration iacetCEU Applicable To:
Patient Access Certification (PAC) 7 hours .7 Patient Access
Patient Access Specialist Certification (PAS) 8 hours .8 Patient Access
Billing Prerequisite 6 hours .6 Billing
Business Office
Billing Certification (BC) 6 hours .6 Billing
Business Office
Billing Specialist Certification (BSC) 11 hours 1.1 Billing
Business Office
Financial Counselor Certification (FCC) 5 hours .5 Financial Counselors
Collections Staff
Certified Healthcare Hospitality Specialist (CHHS) 4.5 hours .6 Patient Access
Business Office
All Staff
2017 Certified Healthcare Hospitality Recertification 90 mins .2 For All Staff
2017 Patient Access Recertification – July 10  90 mins .2
2017 Billing Specialist Recertification – August 10  90 mins .2
2017 Financial Counselor Recertification – September 13  90 mins .2
Georgia Medicaid Webinar Material
1st Wednesday of each month, 10 am
90 mins CFO, Business Office
Medicare Webinar Material
2nd Wednesday of each month, 10 am
90 mins CFO, Business Office
Health IT and Rural Medical Home Network Webinars
3rd Wednesday of each month, 12:30 pm
60 mins C-suite, IT Department
Care Coordination Team

Physician Office Team Members 

Course Title Course Duration CEU Credit
ABN – Advanced Beneficiary Notice 60 mins .1
Keys to Successful Collections 50 mins .1
Professional Conduct in Healthcare 65 mins .1
Telephone Etiquette 35 mins
Dealing with the Difficult 60 mins .1
Customer Service and You 60 mins .1
Advanced Customer Service 30 mins .1
Health Insurance Basics 60 mins .1
2017 HIPAA Privacy & Security Certificate 1 hour 45 mins .2
Registration Quality 30 mins .1
Your Role In the Revenue Cycle 45 mins .1

If you need assistance regarding these courses, please contact
Julie B. Brown, Director of Physician Practices
706-754-3113 x1408