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healthcare certificate shutterstockWelcome Students!  This site was developed to provide resources to the students in high school Healthcare Science programs in Georgia involved in the Healthcare Science Education Program Industry Certification Process from the Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) division of the Georgia Department of Education.   The following resources are provided through a partnership between HomeTown Health, LLC and Sharon Norman, with the Georgia Department of Education (GA DOE), who together are committed to helping to build the future healthcare workforce.

Online Student Resources

Through, teachers and students are provided access to the 5 supplemental courses below at certified locations.  In a recent survey of Georgia hospital HR Directors, we asked them which areas of education would be most important for students who were interested in working in their hospital/system.  The following courses include topics that were among their top responses.
For access to the courses, please follow the GA HSEIC Student Login Instructions.

 Course Title Length IACET CEUs
 2018 HIPAA Training  1 hour 40 mins  0.2
 Customer Service and You  50 mins  0.1
 Advanced Customer Service: The AIDET Model  35 mins  0.1
 A Culture of Safety (Patient Safety)  30 mins  —
 Teamwork: A Practical Guide  120 mins  0.2
 Medical Terminology  80 mins  0.1
Other courses open to students include:
Infection Control: The Basics 30 mins 0.1
Infection Control: Personal Protective Equipment 20 mins  —
Infection Control Plan 45 mins 0.1
Courses in the Healthcare Solutions Free Training Center


Other Student Resources

End of Pathway Assessments from HTHU and NSAT

Certified Healthcare Hospitality Specialist (CHHS) Student Version – Assessment Information Sheet – HTHU CHHS
Certified Telehealth Liaison (CTL) –  Assessment Information Sheet – NSAT CTL
Certified Telehealth Coordinator (CTC) – Assessment Information Sheet – NSAT CTC
Certified Telehealth Clinical Presenter (CTCP) – Assessment Information Sheet – NSAT CTCP
Learn more about the National School of Applied Telehealth and the  Global Partnership for Telehealth

Support Contacts

Technical Assistance with Courses and
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Jennie Price: HomeTown Health’s Director of Business Development, 404-673-2412
Sharon Norman: Education Training Leader (ETL) for Healthcare Science teachers

Who is HomeTown Health?

HomeTown Health, LLC has a history of providing education and support services to a network of rural hospitals, healthcare providers, and best practice business partners who collectively pursue ways to help its hospitals survive in this environment of constant change in reimbursement, operations and technology.   HomeTown Health University (HTHU) was created in 2005 as the educational arm of HomeTown Health, LLC. The online courses range across many healthcare scopes including Revenue Cycle, Clinical and Staff Compliance, Health Information Technology, ICD-10, and Long Term Care. HTHU’s team of education providers collaborate with industry leaders and subject matter experts to create content for our users. HTHU is an accredited education provider offering professional development and continuing education through an online learning management system (LMS). HTHU also collaborates with schools, colleges, technical schools, and universities for the acceptance and integration of course content into their programs.

HomeTown Health, LLC and HomeTown Health University (HTHU) are committed to helping to build the future healthcare workforce.  HomeTown Health University (HTHU) is committed to providing best practice solutions and continuing education and training through research and the continuous improvement of processes for healthcare providers. HTHU has served over 18,000 students throughout hospitals and physician offices nationwide at  As an IACET Authorized Provider, HomeTown Health, LLC offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under IACET guidelines. Accredited online healthcare courses and accredited online healthcare certifications for healthcare professionals nationwide are available on HomeTown Health University.

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