School of Long Term Care

HTHU-LTC-Image-306-165 The School of Long Term Care is designed to meet the needs of Long Term Care facilities and educate team members on areas of best practice, regulatory and industry compliance issues.  In addition, the education can be utilized by hospital staff with Swing Bed and other skilled care programs.

The courses below can be accessed simply by clicking on the course title. There are two types of CEU credits available, denoted by the IACET and NAB columns. If your facility is interested in a group rate subscription for these courses, please contact Meghan Williams at or 229.308-4996.

Download a Program Brochure: School of LTC Info Sheet

Course Title Duration iacet
Credit Hours State Specific Cost
Elder Care Courses Food Safety & You 35 mins .1 1.0 No $18
Meeting Mobility, Sexual and Nutritional Needs 40 mins .1 1.0 No $18
Meeting Oxygenation, Fluid and Electrolyte Needs 50 mins .1 1.0 No $18
Preventing Blood-borne Infections in LTC: Bloodborne Viruses 30 mins .1 1.0 No $18
Preventing Blood-borne Infections in LTC: Preventing Transmission, Protecting Yourself 30 mins .1 1.0 No $18
Preventing Elder Abuse: Helping Keep Residents Safe 25 mins No $18
Preventing Blood-borne Infections in LTC: Engineering Controls and Workplace Practice 30 mins .1 1.0 No $18
Preventing Falls in LTC: Keeping Residents Safe 15 mins No $18
Preventing Healthcare- Associated Infections in LTC 40 mins .1 1.0 No $18
Resident Assessment: Physical, Cognitive and Sensory Functioning 40 mins .1 1.0 No $18
Residents Rights: The Art of Caring 25 mins No $18
Risk Management: Protecting Patients, Protecting Your Practice 30 mins .1 1.0 No $18
Skilled Nursing Facility Webinars Skilled Nursing Billing & Coding
60 mins .1 1.0 No $18
Call to Action: Skilled Nursing PBJ- Federal Mandate (February 2016)
30 mins No $18
Webinar: Therapy in SNF is NOT Your Grandma’s Version 60 mins .1 1.0 No $65
Webinar: Bridge Over Troubled Water
60 mins .1 1.0 No $65
Webinar: Back to the Future
60 mins .1 1.0 No $65
Webinar: Minding Your Qs and Ps (Dealing with Real Life QAPI)
60 mins .1 1.0 No $65
Webinar: The MDS Item Set is Changing Again  60 mins .1 1.0 No $65
Swing Bed Training Skilled Nursing Series: ADLs (for both CAH and PPS) – New! 50 mins .1 1.0 No $36
CAH Swing Bed Basics – Coming Soon!
PPS Swing Bed Basics – Coming Soon!
Providing Skilled Therapy – Coming Soon!
Swing Bed Management – Coming Soon!
Little Known MDS Facts – Coming Soon!
SNF QRP – Coming Soon!
5-Star Basics – Coming Soon!
Skilled Nursing Billing – Coming Soon!
CAH Billing – Coming Soon!
SNF PPS Assessments – Coming Soon!
MDS and RUGs – Coming Soon!
Medical Necessity Documentation – Coming Soon!
5 Medicare Basics – Coming Soon!
Know your ROPs – Coming Soon!
SNF Value Based Purchasing – Coming Soon!
Standardized Patient Assessments – Coming Soon!
API – Coming Soon!
Reducing Anti-psychotics – Coming Soon!
SNF Dementia Care – Coming Soon!

Capture- NABFor the courses noted with NAB hours, please note:

This educational offering has been reviewed by the National Continuing  Education Review Service (NCERS) of the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) and approved for [the assigned] clock hours/participant hours. For additional information, contact NAB at 1444 I St., NW, Suite 700,  Washington, DC 20005-2210, (202)712-9040, or