Health Care Educator and Student Program

educator and student program HTHU is committed to helping to build the future healthcare workforce.  Through a customized Health Care Education Program, students in a variety of healthcare or health science settings will build the knowledge necessary to pursue a career in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

HTHU works with students and educators in a variety of settings, such as

– High School Health Science Groups/Clubs – College and Career Academies
– County Boards of Education – Charter Schools/Cohorts
– Technical and Vocational Colleges – Other Education Organizations

Customized Education Program

Together with Health Science educators, we build a custom, affordable program that meet the needs and interests of students.  Students are able to build a transcript and print certificates of completed IACET accredited education to contribute to their portfolio, while broadening their knowledge base.  Teachers are provided supplemental topics that support their curriculum, with online administrator access to manage student users, and monthly grade reports. Select from courses and certifications in’s other Schools, and build a custom curriculum for students.   The program includes a custom dashboard for your school and students.   (Any of the IACET accredited coursework included in a student program can also be used by nurses/teachers to fulfill Georgia, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Montana continuing education requirements for nurse licensing.)


Certifications & End of Pathway Assessments
HTHU offers over 15 certification programs through its various schools, including: Hospital Patient Access Certification (PAC), Hospital Patient Access Specialist (PAS), coming soon- Physician Office Patient Access Specialist (POAS), Hospital Billing Certification (BC), Hospital Billing Specialist Certification (BSC), coming soon- Physician Office Billing Specialist (POBS)Financial Counselor Certification (FCC)Ten Essential Management Skills Certification, Computer Application Certification, HCAHPS Hospital Certification, and HCAHPS Physician Certification.  Schools are able to purchase group subscriptions to certification programs at student pricing to enable students to build their personal portfolios.

In addition, HTHU is pleased to offer four certifications that meet requirements for the Georgia CTAE Technical Skills Inventory  through and education partner, The National School of Applied Telehealth.  For more information on Georgia End of Pathway Assessments and access to the following programs, please visit GA DOE CTAE Health Science Curriculum.

  • Health Informatics/Health Information Management – Medical Office: Certified Healthcare Hospitality Specialist (CHHS): Info Sheet – CHHS
  • Health Informatics/Health Information Technology: Certified Telehealth Coordinator (CTC): Info Sheet – CTC
  • Health Informatics/Health Information Technology: Certified Telehealth Liason (CTL): Info Sheet – CTL
  • Health Informatics/Health Information Technology: Certified Telemedicine Clinical Presenter (CTCP): Info Sheet – CTCP

Learning Management System Course Transfer

For organizations with an existing Learning Management System in place, we can work with you to help author new course material, transfer existing courses into your system, or build custom programs and certifications.

“HomeTown Connect” Resources

With a shared goal of building the future health care workforce, HomeTown Health University will help to connect students and organizations with providers and health care facilities when possible for internships, live interactions, and other education opportunities.   The resources below are provided to help schools with Health Science Programs in place connect to HomeTown Health Member Hospitals

“HomeTown Connect” Interactive Maps
HSTEA region mapView potential education partners in your county or HSTEA region, and use as a starting point to partner together to build the future workforce.   Is your information missing or incorrect? Would you like to add a contact person, email address, or additional information on needs or opportunities to partner to your listing?  Please email with your request.  For more information on working with the National School of Applied Telehealth or the Georgia Partnership for Telehealth, please contact Rena Brewer at

“HomeTown Connect” Webinar Series, Courses,  and Partner Webinars 

  • “Partnering to Develop the Future Rural Workforce” – July 23,2015
    From the HTH HR Conference- Recording (30 mins)  |   Handouts
  • Webinar: “Managing the Risks of Minors at a Hospital” – August 21, 2015 at 10AM EST.   Registration link:
    Partnering with area schools and students is an opportunity for your hospital to help develop relationships with your future workforce in areas of need – but areas of concern over  liability & safety often prevent or lessen these experiences from occurring!  Join HomeTown Health  to hear from liability experts and state partners on important areas of risk, ways to manage that risk, “Young Worker Safety,” and resources to help your hospital.
  • Free Online Courses: Many courses on are available at no charge, such as those in the Healthcare Solutions Free Training Center. To access courses, click on the “Register for Free” button to create a user login, and select “{Other School/Education Provider}” under “Your Organization.”
  • HCAHPS and its impact on (future) Healthcare Workers” presentation- CTAE/TIEGA Winter Meeting – January 27, 2017 –  Handouts to be posted


For more information on a customized program for your organization, resources available, or student rate subscriptions to any HTHU education, please contact:

Jennie Price, ARM, AAI, RPLU
Director of Business Development

What Our Schools Say

“We absolutely found incredible value in using the Hometown Health University courses in our curriculum.  The students provide positive learning outcomes and were very encouraged regarding the immediate feedback.  We are having the students print the completion certificates at the end of the course and as they continue to use HTHU through their four year pathway these certificates will be included in their senior portfolio so potential employers will observe the success of their continuing education throughout their high school years.  Lambert High School Healthcare Pathway values our partnership and plans to continue our online coursework with HTHU this year and years to come.”

Doris Dickerson – Healthcare Science Pathway, HOSA Advisor
Lambert High School in Suwanee, Georgia