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Subject Area Course Title Course
Long-Term Care Food Safety & You 35 mins .1
Meeting Mobility, Sexual & Nutritional Needs 40 mins .1
Meeting Oxygenation, Fluid, & Electrolyte Needs 50 mins .1
Preventing Blood-borne Infections in LTC: Bloodborne Viruses 30 mins .1
Preventing Blood-borne Infections in LTC: Preventing Transmission, Protecting Yourself 30 mins .1
Preventing Blood-borne Infections in LTC: Engineering Controls & Workplace Practice 30 mins .1
Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections in LTC 40 mins .1
Resident Assessment: Physical, Cognitive & Sensory Functions 40 mins .1
Risk Management: Protecting Patients, Protecting Your Practice 30 mins .1
Compliance & Best Practices 2018 Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals 40 mins .1
HIPAA Privacy 30 mins .1
HIPAA Security 45 mins .1
2015 HIPAA Update 30 mins .1
EMTALA Law 60 mins .1
Infection Control – The Basics 30 mins .1
Lifting Safely to Prevent Injury 30 mins .1
Rapid Physical Assessment 35 mins .1
Anatomy & Physiology Musculoskeletal System & Connective Tissue 40 mins .1
Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue 40 mins .1
The Digestive System 60 mins .1
The Genitourinary System 70 mins .1
Pregnancy, Childbirth & Puerperium 40 mins .1
Blood, Blood-Forming Organs & the Immune System 50 mins .1
The Circulatory System 120 mins .2
The Respiratory System 50 mins .1
The Nervous System 90 mins .1
The Eye & Adnexa 60 mins .1
The Ear and Mastoid Process 60 mins .1
The Endocrine System 90 mins .2

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